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I was on the phone, surfing online sores or waiting for phone calls yesterday trying to purchase a Balmar alternator, regulator, serpentine belt kit and arm with belt buddy adjustment device.

Talked to two businesses in the Seattle area. Neither person I talked to seemed to really know the product, neither could give me a price (they are both listed as Balmar dealers) and they promised to call me back. This morning after not getting a call back even after recalling and leaving a message I called Peter Kennedy Yacht Services in Annapolis. I had already checked his online store but couldn't find an alternator kit with the specific alternator that I wanted. Peter answered the phone, found that the kit had been omitted by mistake, gave me a kit at the online price (considerably cheaper than other prices I ha been quoted) and in addition informed me the universal adjustment arm I intended to order wouldn't work on my specific engine but offered to send the belt buddy alone, if it doesn't work in my installation he'll take it back and refund the cost.

This guy/business got my money.

Go2marine and North Harbor Diesel if you read this never mind the call back.
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