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Head of Mainsail Height


Another option to consider might be, and this is only if the mainsail is short enough on the hoist, is to splice on a piece of spectra a foot or so (depending on the reach distance) to the head of the mainsail with a loop in both ends and to use it to connect the halyard to. The other option is a differently styled head on the main that would allow it to bend over some on top of the first set of slugs. Another option is a Strong Track for the mainsail which may give you an overall lower height of the head of the stored sail, and finally lengthening the halyard as you suggest. Lengthening the halyard will also give you the option of dealing with chafe issues at the top without having to buy a new one. Get a few feet longer than you planned.

Sounds like some steps would help as well.

Good luck,

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