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as you may know, we've been looking for a SVG power boat/cat for future bareboat charter

our research has revealed that there are none south of SXM for charter

During our March BVI bareboat trip, we never saw a sail boat/sail cat with it's sails up - maybe it was the 15ft swells or 30kt winds, but whatever but it got us thinking again about why can't we charter a sail cat and use the engines vs the sails

also, as a part of our future BVI charter research, we have confirmations from a BVI charter company (with the owners confirmation as well) that we can charter a sail cat and agree not to raise the sails, just use the engines all week.

we're looking for a SVG boat owner who would be ok with this as we can't seem to get an ok from the charter companies in SVG

you guys know we've done 5 BVI bareboat charters on everything from a 35ft trawler to a 52ft trawler, we have lifetime boating experience and are cautious, respectful charterers.

I got to thinking about this again as a colleague recently returned from 3 wks in SVG on a sailboat and never put the sails up and he's a sailor. why can't we do the same thing?

anyways, if you're a boat owner or know of one in SVG, please PM me so we can discuss. We're looking for 2010, 2011 and/or 2012.

Thank you all so very much!!
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