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Hey chaps and chapesses,

My name is Sam. An Englishman currently in the blissful wilderness that is New Zealand.

Prior to coming to this frightful country, I view my life as anything but interesting. A white, middle class male, always had enough money, enough luck. I came here to try something different. I have spent 9 months, hitchhiking around the country, and have managed to forge an existence, out of conversation and adventure, for that, I feel, I perhaps, for the first time, have a reason to be proud of myself.

I am planning on leaving NZ end of Fedbury, and want to stop off in America for a month to catch up with some friends. But I want to make an adventure out of this trip, the truth is, I now profess myself a junkie for new experiences.

If anyone is planning such a trip or knows of anyone I could talk to, please do not hesitate to contact me ([email protected])

What I lack in experience, I feel (though, this is to be contended) my desire to learn would make up for. And to allure myself into a mist of arrogance, I think I'm an ok guy.

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