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A perfect gift for a sailor or armchair explorer

Off the Tourist Track​
The adventure and exquisite beauty of Australia​
11 hours of viewing on a 32 gb USB memory stick​
Plug and play in a TV or Computer​

  • Australia Circumnavigation
  • South Australia Gulfs
  • Coral Sea midocean islets and reefs
  • Tasmania by sea and on the land
  • Many EXTRAS - drone flights, a peek at remote places

See the full list HERE

AUD$60 Delivered FREE worldwide (registered post extra)
See all the details and more images and purchase HERE

What people say about our films -

Jessica Watson, the youngest person to single-handedly sail nonstop around the world
"In addition to showcasing the great scenery that South West Tasmania is known for the DVD gives you a great feel for the area. Jack and Jude have done an impressive job researching local history and share plenty of interesting stories about the original inhabitants and visiting explorers. I loved the footage of Jude helming Banyandah in windy conditions coming into Norfolk Bay. You can really see how comfortable these two are on the water! Very well researched - Useful for those interested in planning a trip to Tasmania -You'll need their cruising guide for details on anchorages."

Petrea McCarthy - Cruising Helmsman Ideas Locker
"Fantastic stuff - takes the viewer into a magical, rarely visited world. Heaps of cruising tips too. Excellent photography. Recommended for anyone with an interest in the sea, cruising, or just wanting some inspiration."

Joe Schmesh, Gold Tripod Award-winner
"As a non-sailor, the footage really put me in the picture - well done Jack and Jude. Magnificent country we live in for sure!!!"

28 files 640 mins - recorded in H264 - mp4 format on a quality 32 gb USB memory stick working perfectly on digital TVs and computers/laptops

Films by Jack and Jude, blue water sailors since 1974
with thousands of sea miles aboard Banyandah
making documentaries since 2007​
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