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To check the integrity of an autohelm Flux Gate compass, M022

1)Position the compass on your desk with the weight upside

2)with the flexible cable towards You ,number the contacts
from the left to the right 1,2,3,4,5,6

3)measure the continuity with an ohm meter

4)Between 1 and 2 , continuity

5)between 3and 4 ,4 and 5 ,5 and 3 , continuity

Values between 3 and 12 ohms

6) Between 1,2 and 3,4,5 infinite

7) Pin 6 is not connected

Most of the time ,the problem is inside the flexible cable,it is not repairable.
Sometimes one of the small wires soldered around the compass
Body is Loose,and can be resoldered

If your compass is a separate unit ,with cable

Screen - blue 6-12 Ohms
Red - green 3-6 Ohms
Yellow -red 3-6 Ohms
Yellow- green 6-12 Ohms

In this type of unit the problem could also be the compass out of its gimball
blocked by loose parts ,or connector loose .

Good Luck

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