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The 4000 series autopilots were never intended for a boat that heavy. The RayMarine site suggests that the 4000 series is only intended for use up to 16000 lb vessels and that over 20,000 lbs displacement you should be using a ST6000 series modular unit. (Raytheon sold off its marine equipment division and the new company is called RayMarine. Some old phone numbers seem to be out of commission)

As to initializing, the unit should boot up if you follow the manual and have everything hooked up right. That said, I have heard of units that would never initialize because the sensing unit was installed too close to engine, keel, or batteries or too low in the boat.

Raytheon Marine actually has a pretty good reputation for supporting warentee problems and trouble shooting their equipment. (Have you tried RayMarine Support on line: <>)

That said, you really have the wrong peice of gear on board for your boat. It will be problematic over time because it is too light for the duty you are asking of it.
Good luck
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