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New-to-me Walkeer Bay 8 came with no extra bits. Pricing on the above seems rather spendy, so I'll make-do w/home-made. Been wondering what the consensus was on AZEK for these slightly loaded parts?
Dagger is only 7+" wide by near ta 1/2 inch thick and needs only protrude by (what incomparison is) 24". Stopper block atop and fair the leading/trailing edges
Rudder of same as but sandwiched between two more pieces thru-pinned to pivot and gudgeons/pintles bolted. Tiller could be clamped to the top in some fashion?

I have to-hand enuff 1/2" AZEX left from a project. I also have same amt of 1/2" luan ply I could use. Big advantage to AZEK is no need to finish, ease of machining and lite weight. I s'pose I could simply do it and IF it fails, replicate in ply..all the sizing and R&D being done ;)

Next trick will be shifting the step to mid-thwart and sloop rigging it! :)

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