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B&G Zeus Chartplotter Question

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I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question, but I've had trouble finding an accurate answer online. Our new to us boat (1988 28' Freedom) still has the original electronics. While the original Datamarine Link 5000 depth, knotmeter and wind speed and direction instruments work fine, we really want a chartplotter. I found the B&G Zeus series online and it looks interesting, especially this part of the product description:

"Zeus² plotters integrate seamlessly with your existing network, communicating with performance modules including Broadband Radar, autopilot, AIS, digital switching, weather modules and more."

Does this mean that I would be able to purchase the chartplotter and have it integrate with my existing Datamarine Link 5000 system or would I need to purchase new equipment (wind instruments, transducer, etc)? We are in Massachusetts and primarily use the boat for day sailing along with occasional overnight trips.

Thanks in advance for any insight,
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If i were you for the price of the b&g units i would look into the new garmin gps that is being released 7400/7600 series they programed them nore for sailing and have reallh great display for instruments built in. Like wind and what not the b&g from what i heard takes alot of messing around to programming and whatnot to get the sailing features to work. I really wanted to get the b&g zeus touch but i think im going to opt for the garmin and the new wind transducer
I just wanna know how hard the Zeus is to use conspired to the Zeus2
If the origional is not bad to use then I would go with the Zeus7 all I need for my size boat
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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