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Questions for you all:

Has anyone here had to re-bed/reinforce their mast step from below deck and what are your suggestions?
Greetings from a fellow B24 owner - mine is a work [not] in progress at the moment, but I hope get back to working on her soon to get her back to her former glory.

Anyway, I've done a lot of the same projects over the years on my B24 that you are tackling. With respect to the beam that supports the mast step, I was going to go at it from inside, but I was talked into opening it up from above. That meant removing the mast step and cutting through the built up area under the step, but I think it was the right way to go.

There was a soaking wet (and cracked) beam under the deck. I removed that and replaced with a laminated beam that I made to match the curvature of the deck. After that was glassed in, I had to re-build the mast step area and I ended up having a new aluminum mast step made.

I look forward to following your progress (and maybe getting some inspiration at the same time!)
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