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Baba and Tayana 37 fans

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I have done a new Blog entry where I write chapter one of the history of the Baba's, This goes back to include the Hans Christian 36 and 34, Tayana 37 and even some Valiant history.

I try to write these entries in a way that will give you information that you can;pt get from anyone else. I don;lt always get history correct but when I have a memory gap I make something up that sounds about right and makes me look good.
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In the mid 70's the buyers of these boats could be a couple of school teachers. Financing was easy and you did not have to be wealthy to buy a cruising boat. I don't recall prices except one. When the Valiant 40 was introduced as I recall the base price was $63,500 but to really sail it away was around $74,000. I think I paid $63,000 for my Esprit 37.

My buddy Bernie got one of the last Valiant 42/40's built and I think he had almost $500,000 into it.

"Strange times Archie, strange times."

Why did I not get involved building the boat and selling them? I had many chances to do this but I never wanted to be a boat salesman.
$500k sounds about right for the last of the Valiant 42s. I have a quote somewhere or other from the factory on one of the last ones and I seem to recall mid-400s without sails and key upgrades (refrigeration, etc).

So, back to the inflation question. If we plug that $75k # into our CPI calculator provided by the "gub-ment"....that points to a $325k cost in 2014 dollars. I dont fully believe that calculator, but still, I think a pair of school teachers would have to be at the apex of their career to afford that kind of money. Maybe school principals.. :) However a pair of professionals CERTAINLY within reach.

So the question is, where did that extra $175k go!!! Seems like it has to be materials and/or wages (Americans get higher pay than back then)...and probably $500k isn't enough to keep bluewater builders in business as there are fewer and fewer every year.

Conversely, how do Beneteau, Catalina, etc make a 40 foot coastal cruiser for *HALF* of a bluewater cruiser now ($270k). . Would be interesting to find out what a 40 fo0t Morgan, Endeavour, or Iwrin from the mid-70s cost. Was it half of a $75k Valiant ...or more. That would help gauge the efficiency of these modern builders vs their ancestors.

On another the number of bluewater builders fades away, I think the production builders are REALLY going to raise their prices for new boats. This would explain some of the other threads about sticker shock on new boat prices.

Sadly, this sees like a classic consolidation/roll-up happening in the market :(
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Can't help you. You sound far smarter than I at this kind of thing.
Bob, Totally enjoyed the Baba blog, especially your tales of life in SE Asia. Have you ever spent time in Malaysia, KK in particular?

Glads you enjoyed the read.
Never been to Mayalasia, Dont know what "KK" is.
My trips to Asia have been to Japan, China and Taiwan with most of my time in Taiwan.
You are welcome. I just added to it. I think of things to add when I walk my dogs.
Well then log off and go walk the damn dogs again! I want part 3! ;)

Just walked the dogs again. I'm working part part three in my head. That's my method.
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272 hits on the blog yesterday. I think that is a record.
Many thanks for visiting.
Bob, I'm not sure how your stats are tracked but to me it looks like the line saying Maximum 361 might be your single day max.
I think you are correct on that. Thanks for calling my attention to it.
I priced a both a 42 & 50 foot Valiant in 2007.
The 42 was $389,750, + about $90,000 in options.
The 50 was $663,750 + about $110,000 in options
I just posted a long note from Bob Berg aka Baba on my blog.
It adds some interesting details to the Baba story and clears up some areas where my memory was less than perfect.
21 - 31 of 31 Posts
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