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I have had some success with sheet to tiller steering - but only seem to get the best from the boat when one or other of the sails is slightly over-sheeted

which is annoying

I came across the idea of using a dedicated steering sail

so I dug out a high aspect dinghy sail and attached the head to the spinnaker uphaul and the foot to the bottom of the baby stay

the clew was attached to a langth of bungee brought back to a handrail on the roof

the leeward side of the tiller was attached to a long bungee along the side deck to bring the boat into the wind and the windard side of the rudder to a length of string to the clew of the little jib

man it works well on every point of sail between a fetch to a broad reach

here it is streering the boat in a strongish breeze with the main down and about 3/4s of the genoa rolled out

pretty successful I would say

I am told that by moving the foot to the windward rail you can get it to steer the boat on a dead run....

well we shall see
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