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Hi. I have a 1983 seafarer 30. The fin keel version. At this time I re-rigging the mast. The boat is rigged with 1/4 wire, the pins holding rigging to mast are 3/8 and rigging to the boat are 7/16. I would very much like to add in a mechanical backstay adjuster. However, I can not find one with a 7/16 pin. The all seem to be either 3/8 or 1/2. Since I am not super excited about drilling out my chain plate (although it can probably be done easily enough) I am even less excited about having to carry one more size of extra fitting on the boat.

Anyone else upgraded to a backstay adjuster on this boat? Anyone know where a 7/16 pin jaw jaw adjustable turnbuckle might be had? Thanks.
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