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I just bought a Coronado CC 35. The mainsail backstay is driving me crazy. Is it possible to
move it closer to the mizzen stays w/o harming structural integrity?
If the roach of the mainsail is constantly 'fouling' and getting caught on a backstay and which prevents the full swing of the mainsail .... check to be sure that your mainsail isnt raised too far. Sometimes lowering the mainsail by just an inch or two on the mast is all that it takes to allow the mainsail to 'swinging over' under the backstay without 'catching'.
If the mainsail is full battened, loosening batten compression will sometimes help.
Its OK for some of the roach to 'rub' across the backstay when swinging over, just as long as the sail isnt 'stopped cold' when it crosses the backstay.

There is a mechanical solution - adding a backstay crane to the top of the mast which moves the backstay aft and changes its vertical angle ... but this has to be structurally correct (expensive).
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