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I am somewhat surprised at that report of a 25' surge in the bahamas because most of the bahamas dont have the sort of geography that would cause such a surge. In most cases, the water surge simply goes around the island. In the Abacos, there are buildings a century old at waters edge.
My own boat has been in the Marsh harbor boat yard during two hurricanes with the eye passing directly overhead and I had only a bent stanchion. Boats that came into the yard too late to get put on good stands were damaged by a small surge. I watched the webcam at Mangos Marina (where I keep my boat in Winter) during one hurricane and saw that almost all boats had been moved "somewhere" and the docks were submerged.
My insurer requires me to have my boat out of the water during hurricane season. There are only two yards in the Abacos, one on Green Turtle and the one in Marsh Harbor. The one in Marsh harbor is too small to handle everything before a storm and I dont know how big the one on Green Turtle is.
I've been told that some people have moved boats up to Green Turtle to Black Sound and up into the mangroves to survive a storm. The Harbor at Hope Town seems well protected and I might consider a mooring far up in one of the creeks there.
On Grand Bahama, I might think of moving a boat up the Lucayan Waterway where there are numerous finger canals devoid of anything, anchor at the end with lines to the sides. There are two yards on Grand Bahama, one 10 miles west of Lucaya is not well protected. The further west one is better protected.
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