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Deltaville water supply

At one of the other marinas I was told that the water at Stingray and further out the point was a little on the salty side, due to a cracked aquifer. Any opinion on that?
A buddy of mine owned a house near Stingray Point in Deltaville for a few years. The tap water (from a well I assume) was pretty bad, barely drinkable. Soap would not make suds with it. Bathroom fixtures stained badly so it seemed like it had a lot of iron in it or maybe it is salts.
I am not sure what is in the water but the rumor seems to be that an asteroid hit the area quite a while ago (>50,000 years) which changed the ground water situation. I have no idea what the water is like at the marinas.
Great place to sail from though. The Rappahonack is one of the cleanest rivers in the estuary.
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