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Bargain boats at auction

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We are currently at Spicer's Marina in Noank, CT and they had an auction this morning to get rid of abandoned boats. A Pearson 26 sold for $500 and a Dufour 30 went for $100!!. These boats were tired but certainly did not look beyond the possiblity - especially when you start out with purchase prices like these. I think there are a very large number of these boats out there and there will be some serious bargains to be had and not a few dumpsters to be filled when these relatively inexpensive boats are cut up when no buyer can be found.
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For those interested I recently saw 2 sailboats at Brewers pilots point in Westbrook CT that had free signs on them.... They looked to be in the 22-25 foot range not sure of make.... saw them from a distance.
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