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I just completed a winch upgrade from the old Barient 25's ( 40:1) to the closest size that I would call a direct replacement. First was the physical size and most important to me was mounting hole dimensions. The 27-48 had the same drum diameter so I hoped that the mounting pattern would be the same. I found a pair of bronze drum version and took a chance. They arrived and an hour later I had my answer. A direct replacement for drum size and mounting holes.

Next was the power factor.

They are not 27:1 but 48:1 very equivilent to the Harken and Lewmars 48's, whenn rated with a 10" winch handle. With a 8" handle they are close to 40:1 and have a smaller turning radius for quicker winching. In a blow if you need the extra advantage, just drag out the 10" handles. (Link )

The 27-48's were like new so the only issue that I'm aware of is the upper stripper cap is a composite that could break and need replacement. Arco- Hutton in Australia still carries a few repair parts for the older stype winches.


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