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Has anyone used Barnacle Zapper to keep the bottom of your boat clean of barnacles and algae? Sounds too good to be true - no more haul-outs for bottom painting.

How it works (according to the manufacture):

The concept of ultrasonic technology for use in cleaning has been around for decades. Everything from jewelry to medical equipment has enjoyed the benefits of this innovative process. Due to recent advancements in electronics this technology is now applicable to the process of maintaining a clean hull. The Barnacle Zapper works by emitting varied and pulsed ultrasonic frequencies from a digital control unit through a pair of transducers attached to the inside of the hull. The hull then acts like a tuning fork and transmits the sound waves through the water along the surface of the entire hull. The waves created disrupt the cell structures of the bio film and other micro-organisms causing them to die thus depriving algae and barnacles of their food source and leaving your hull free of any growth.

How Barnacle Zapper Ultrasonic Antifouling Works | Barnacle Zapper
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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