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FYI, For those of you who transit the New Jersey coast headed in either direction I thought this might be of interest for your planning. I haven't been down to see the construction yet but when I go I'll try to take some photo's .
This construction is supposed to continue into the fall migration.

My understanding is that Vessels are required to proceed single file ( no passing) through the inlet. Read: slow and busy.

The deeper water for keel boats typically runs close to the north jetty.

There are also plans for a pipe raft ( 2000 ft. x 25 ft. ) be anchored in the north side, shore side of Manasquan inlet.

Coast Guard announces Barnegat Inlet North Jetty repair project, safety zone

From the Local notice to Mariners:

Mariners are advised that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is rebuilding the Barnegat Inlet north jetty. The U.S. Coast Guard will be implementing
a safety zone in Barnegat Inlet while work barges are present. Vessels shall not transit within 100 feet of the work barges. Vessels transiting in
proximity to the barges shall not pass or overtake each other. Transiting vessels shall maintain minimum safe steerage speed while transiting the
inlet. Recreational activity is prohibited in the entire inlet. The on -scene tug can be reached on VHF Channel 16. Mariners are urged to use caution
when transiting the area. Chart: 12324.

Mariners are advised that a pipe raft approximately 2000 feet long and 25 feet wide will be anchored in Manasquan inlet. The pipe raft will be
located on the north side of the channel between the in shore end of the Manasquan seawall and the number 2 marker. The pipe raft will be
anchored and lit with flashing amber lights throughout its length and steady white lights on each anchor buoy. Mariners are advised to transit the
Manasquan inlet safely. Chart: 12324.

Video at the bottom:

Barnegat Inlet jetty repairs begin shortly in Island Beach State Park ? NewsWorks

The local notice to mariners District V:
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