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"The outboard is powered by a West Marine 650 Starting battery "
Starting batteries, called SLI (Starting, Lights, Ignition) are designed for starting loads and are rapidly destroyed by deep cycling them to any extent.

So if it is an "old" battery, 3-4 years old or testing out at 60% of original power or so? I'd replace it with a bigger "dual purpose" or pure deep cycle battery. Going to a dual-battery system will make keeping TWO batteries separated and charged a more complex proposition. Like putting a solar charger with controller on the starting battery, PLUS another hundred bucks for an "Echocharger" or "combiner" to ensure the house battery is charged, plus a switch, plus cabling....
More efficient and durable, yes, but lots more money and decisions to make.

So on the basis of KISS, I'd say consume the existing battery (unless it is brand new and really worth idolizing(G) and then replace it with one better battery.

Personally I like AGM because it costs me less in acid burned clothing and the like, but a conventional flooded lead acid battery will cost substantially less. And oddly enough, WalMart and Sam's Club apparently have the best prices, with WalMart often having the longest warranty with no questions asked.

As to the emergency bilge pump...Electric is nice but I hope you have a manual pump installed, because electric bilge pumps are "consumable" items that tend to go bad on a regular basis. If you install two, you can expect ONE to be working when you really need it.
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