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Battery buy Seattle area

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Hey guys,

I just wanted to see if there was any interest in some lightly used UPS batteries for your guys boat. Let me give you a little background on these guys.

I work for a large UPS company and we had a site install where the batteries were undersized for the application, the were in service about 3 months and then replaced with larger batteries. These old batteries were removed and have been sitting pretty much waiting to be scrapped. These are still new batteries, have been recharged within the time limit and within manufacturer specifications.

Most have been scrapped as it's hard to sell a used battery for a critical UPS application, but I have managed to get 4 and tested them with no issues. These are great batteries.

Here is the battery specification sheet from the Manufacturer.

It's a high rate VRLA battery with high discharge and acceptance charge rate. Each battery can be recharged with 39 amps each so they recharge very quickly. The are rated in Watts per Cell @ 15 minute rate.

390 Watts per cell is a bit over 100AH @ 20HR rate. I think the rating is a bit low, these guys weight about 80 pounds. That is quite a bit of lead.

I am trying to get a group buy together to get the price down, if we can get the entire lot I am pretty sure we can get them for just above scrap cost. I have been promised singles at $50 each. Let me know what you think.

This is the in Seattle area and I can pick them up in Everett so I think anywhere from Portland to Canada wouldn't bee too far. Shipping wouldn't work, be more expensive than the battery.

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I am picking up 20 today for a RV and solar project. I can post pictures if anyone is interested.
So whats the group rate price? ....50.00per bat is not a bargain for a used battery of 100 ah. scrap price is 5.00 tops I'll give them 10.00 each and take 10 off their hands.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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