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Thanks for the comment Brian. I think from the replies I have received on this from another sailing forum that it may well be the combiner at fault because when the house bank is on trickle charge the volts at the starter battery are only 12.8. So the battery combiner is not passing through the trickle charge voltage of 13.2. I will look into having the set point checked on the combiner.
Bump up the float voltage in your charger settings. Sounds like you are simply below the "combine" voltage.. The WM Combiner 70 was made by Yandina and carries a lifetime warranty. They are very reliable despite being quite crudely built. The newer ones are less crude but the old ones still work well and last for a very long time..

Lifeline AGM Batteries = 13.2V - 13.4V Float (they tend to do better at 13.4V)

Deka / East Penn AGM = 13.4 - 13.6V (they also tend to do better at 13.6V tan 13.4V)

13.2V is a very low float setting....
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