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Battery Memory

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I have a couple of handheld VHF radios. They have been living in the charger without much use. Now the batteries have memory. They are fully charged. When I key the mike they fully discharge. No amount of charge cycles seems to break this outcome.

Is there a quick way to kill battery "memory" or am I stuck purchasing new battery packs?
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I thought the idea of battery memory was a bit of a myth for modern batts, but I don't know.

Anyway, I doubt it's good to leave them in the charger full time, unless the charger is smart enough to know its done. You can overcharge a battery, which may be your problem. Either way, I'm guessing it new battery time.

I wouldn't know when they are or aren't being overcharged, so I charge till the light tells me they're done and then let them sit off the charger. My portable handheld's batteries will hold a charge for a really long time, when not in use and off the charger. Both are standard horizon models.

I sort of go around and charge everything on the boat up a few times per season, unless they are in use and then recharge at that time. Amazing how much rechargeable crap we collect these days.

If it's needed for emergency use (such as the radio in my ditchbag), I keep the adapter to use alkaline batteries and a good supply of them in there too. You might consider just going that route, if you're buying a new battery anyway. Not as eco friendly and more expensive, however.
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