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I have Toodle-oo!'s wiring all pulled apart. It's 25 years old and resembles my wife's spaghetti. Rewiring the main panel looks to be a relatively straightforward job, but I'm having problems with the charging circuit and wonder what everyone else is doing.

The boat has Ample equipment mostly: Eliminator, Alternator Sensor and Monitor. It has an Alpha 3 Cruising Equipment Alternator Regulator and she has an old Heart Interface 1800 inverter.

The Ample (Bank Manager) Monitor is not working properly - basically I only get volts and some weird numbers for everything else...

I'd like to replace the Bank Manager with something else - but leave all the rest of the equipment alone. Other than a Xantrex 20, I can't find any other monitor out there that could handle this - and apparently Ample aren’t interested in assisting with the existing unit or supplying an alternate...
(I thought I was going to go with a Xantrex 2000R until I found out I'd need to replace the inverter too to be compatible...)

Other system components: 400AH Battery bank + Starter battery, 90A Alternator, frustrated owner!

What's in your charginging circuit?

S/v Toodle-oo!
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