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This is going to be hard to describe. I'll try to write it in order to be clear.

1. Removed two 98 ah gel batteries for winter
2. Took them to battery shop couple days ago to get checked and charged. One was at 12.39 other 12.80. Charged to 13.15. Ran load test, they both were good.

3. Installed batteries myself. Complicated system.
-has two red boxes with fuses next to 1,2,all switch.
-three fat red wires, one fat black wire. Labelled battery 1,2. Two fat red labelled 1, 1 fat red battery two. Fat black labelled 1.
-short double ended fat black wire. Unlabeled. Was told it connected the batteries.
- two sets of thin red and black wires. One labelled engine starter.
4. Attached two fat red and one small red on bat 1. One fat red one small red batt 2. Small blacks on both, one fat black on batt one. Short double ender connecting battery negative terminal.
5. Electric start and trim engine.
6. Turned red switch to all
7. Electronic lowered and started engine.
8. Motored to slip.
9. Turned engine off started trimming up and all power died. No lights, no motor no electronics.
10. Plugged into shore power. Charger glowed red(charging) or five minutes then turned green(ready). Still no power.
11. Tried red switch in 1,2 and all. Nothing.
12. Half hour later everything works. But I turned it all off out of caution so I don't fry anything until problem solved.

Detectives? I've said before I am poor at electronics. I do have a book on marine electronics I'm going to start reading.

Side note. Pull start motors seem superior at this point. My electric ignition came with emergency cord but still. Seems to me like there should be one permanently installed. What if you are anchored out and your batteries die?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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