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Its definitely not a 'magical' device but one invented by NASA and used by the US military. This is what the website describes as to how it works. They were made primarily for cars but they work on marine batteries as well.

As automobiles are usually parked longer than they're being driven, the batteries are left discharging for longer periods of time than when they are being charged.

2PbSO4 + 2H20 -> Pb + PbO2 + 2H2SO4

Pb + PbO2 + 2H2SO4 -> 2PbSO4 + 2H20

This causes water and lead sulfate (PbSO4) to form at a faster rate than it can be reconverted back to lead, lead dioxide and water. Lead sulfate that's left sitting, originally spongy, will eventually crystallize. Once in crystal form, the lead sulfated cannot be reconverted, even when the battery is being charged. This causes a reduction in active material (the lead and lead dioxide) and surface area where chemical reaction takes place. Eventually, the battery will no longer have the capability to supply enough cranking current to start a car. This process, also known as sulfation, is the main cause why batteries fail prematurely!

The Desulfator generates Amplitude Modulated Pulses (AMP) at the resonance frequency of the crystals to shatter the covalent bonds that hold it together. This allows the lead sulfate to be reconverted once the battery is charged. A battery free from lead sulfate crystals will have its life span stretched to its maximum! No more premature failure due to sulfation!
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