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Battery questions

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I now have 5 walmart deep cycle, total 625 amp hours, they lasted a year with heavy use, inverter, small fridge, lights we live aboard on the hook so they are used heavily .

Will I get much better performance with Trojan 105, 6 volt with the approx, same amp hours? Thanks for your help, I can keep charged with solar and gas generator,

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six t-105's would give you 675 amp-hours at 12 vdc. they are more tolerant of heavy use, but you really need to do an electrical budget to know if the bank is big enough. you should not run a battery bank down below 50% very much if you want them to last.
Thank you, I have three large solar panels and also charge daily with generator so the current ones do not get run down past 70%, The walmart battery's seem to charge fast but also drain fast.


if they charge quick and drain quick have you checked the water levels in them, get a hydrometer and check em. you might have cooked some water out of em.

you also might want to try an equalization charge but you might need shore power for that. next thought would be to take each one out of use for a day, charge it up to 100 % then put a load on it for a few hours ( like your inverter running a few light bulbs ) and check voltage. then do each other battery the same, you might have a weak one pulling the rest down
thanks I have kept the water up and yes desulpher is hard on the hook, i think i might have a bad one ughhhh, thanks again
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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