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Thanks for help. Don't think there is any break up of the mast step - how do I look for that? I think that the Bavaria just isn't constructed strongly enough beneath the mast to take the pressures. I'm not sure that the rigger was or was not putting racing pressures on the rig but surely the set up below should be solid enough to take that tension? What if the mast is not set correctly now - is it likely to break?
Not to worry...not to worry. Unless you can see visible changes in the alignment of the bulkhead, or some evidence or stress or damage, I think it not unusual to have the fit of a door be affected by rig in/rig out, especially if the door closes tight into an oval opening. I have seen the same on my CS. The solution there was to try trimming the hinge mount cutouts to get the door back into a careful of trimming the door as it may be hollow. You might contact Bavaria or other owners for advice.

I would expect the rigger set your boat up right. I have never seen a distinction between a racing tune and a cruising tune, other than some racers overdo everything and may be likely to also over tune their rigs, to no good end. Nobody wants a floopy rig. If you sail your boat upwind in a moderate breeze with your tune, and the leeward riging is just a little loose, you are all set, if it is flopping about, you are too loose. Nothing is likely to break, if one over-tightens a rig, you'll see hull deformation be fore the rig lets go. Being too lose also is usually liveable, although it would be likely to result in more chafing of rigging and fittings which would not be good over time. I have seen some masts hold up just fine even though they had quite a crosswise C shape, plus one guy sailing about with his rig inverted (bowing forward, not aft). He I think is looking for trouble...
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