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You take this too seriously

Come on the first poster, I too am considering a bayliner buccaneer 24. I have never sailed before just like the original poster.

As newby's, I wouldn't expect either of us to take our new boats on a transatlantic crossing. We want them to learn to sail and see if we like it. We just want to have a little fun. I'm more interested in a small enough boat so I can get out and push if I need to and I probably will.

And most people who get hooked on sailing are not going to stop with a beginers boat like a 24. But until I know I want to pursue this, I am sure not going to go out and buy a $400,000 boat either.

Instead of telling the poor guy his choice of first boat is trash, why not encourage him to go for it. Try it. For $3,000 or so he can probably buy a lot of fun. And then he can move up.

There is a reason training aircraft are usually small and cheaper then the airplane someone buys for a lifetime.

Give us a break. You sound like the guy who pulls up in a rolls royce next to the teenager who just bought his first 30 year old car.

Sure we all want a Ferrari, but no one learns to drive in one.

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