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Traditionally, fairly narrow beam was often considered desirable for seakindliness and safety in an offshore boat.

The often-used (but imperfect) motion-comfort and capsize-screening statistics make a more beamy boat appear less seakindly and less safe (lower ultimate stability).

My question is how much for practical purposes should one consider beam in assessing the seakindliness and safety of an offshore boat.

For example, I recently looked at a Wauquiez 33 which I am considering as a possible offshore cruising boat for retirement. However, the beam of 11' seems off-hand excessive for an offshore boat, compared to say a Pacific Seacraft 34 with a beam of 10'. On the other hand, the Wauquiez has a deeper, higher aspect ratio fin keel than the Pacific Seacraft which should lower the center of gravity and increase seakindliness and righting moment.

I know I am not asking a question with a simple answer, but what I'd be interested in is how much some of you think of increasing beaminess as decresing seakindliness and safety for an offshore boat.
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