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about beam

While I respect the theoretical approach my way is more pratical.
About 20 years ago i buy a Ior boat.Her rating was 22 feet and measurement
9,70 x 3,60 x 2 (meters) Her interior space was very large but beamy in the middle and fine in the ends in heavvy seas the boat was a nightmare.
After some time I sold her and buy a Soling. Soling results from restricted sail area rule boats of Scandinavia. The boat measured about 8 x 2 x 1,4 (meters) and is one of the best boat I know. Fast and weatherly was never heavvy on the tiller.
If she had the same cubic number as the ior boat in a blow should be a lot more fast,without taking water on board.
For example look please at the body plan of a model boat: "When selfsteering is a bonus the beam is small".
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