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Beats workin!

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Lots of discussion about working while cruising. CD granted me permission to share a bit of my "work", recently completed. It's not really work to me, which is why I'm still doing it. ?
30 years of experience here...

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But I didn't see the "Donate" button! :laugher
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Send contributions to Mack Sails ?
They might need the money:

...Safeco just sent me a check (2 days ago) refunding my deductible for this whole debacle. That means they have successfully sued (subrogated) Mack Sails for the costs incurred to them for what they did to my boat.

PPS SUCK IT MACK! You screwed my boat royally and after I sent photos and a nice letter (copies available by PM) of what you did (and wanted to charge me to do) to my boat, you stopped returning my calls. Guess you had to return the calls for the sopena...
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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