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Is it really 2003? Just how far have we come to understand the notion of BEAUTY? Are we really free to make our own choices or was that last choice we made, an ''emotional deposit'' for a friend or loved one?

Particularly where boats and the visual is concerned, I am curious to know, just exactly how SAILNET members arrive at making up their minds, what is beautiful and what is beastly?

Boating is beautiful. I have always thought that it is the diversity of choices and freedoms that makes boating very beautiful. It is colourful and yet can be drab and dull, vibrant and yet murky and overcast, always and forever changing. Then again, just like each owner, each boat, is different and unique. It keeps life interesting. Imagine if we were all the same!

Whether your preference is wood, plastic, aluminimum, concrete, steel or whatever, would it be civilised to eject someone because the value of ''Beauty'' has been determined to have been undermined? What is this beauty?

Do you sail or motor, are you left or right handed, are you black or white, rich or poor, the list is endless.

Please SAILNET MEMBERS take a look at my photo album. This is my Beauty and my Beast. It may not be what you see that is either beautiful or beastly. I am however certain, that with the acquaintances I have made over the last 13 years of life aboard our ARK, BEAUTY is not to be found, exclusively, on the outside, of either boats or people.

"Love thy neighbour as thy self". Is your neighbour BEAUTIFUL? Perhaps it''s the notion of our own sense of ''Beauty'', deep inside each and every one of us, that really is the BEAST?

SAILNET MEMBERS, Please share your thoughts, what is beauty?

Thanks to all for messages of support received in our campaign to protect our BEAUTIFUL way of life.



Vince And Marie Louise Shalom
''Noah''s Ark''
Houseboat Picton
Penarth Marina
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