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s/v Tiger Lily
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I'd like to start a new thread to showcase your "before" and "after" photos. Your personal motivation can be to show off, educate, or amaze. I love these kinds of photos, particularly when I need a little inspiration myself. Let's see em ... it can be an entire boat or a specific part or improvement.

I will start with Tiger Lily ... four years into her never ending re-fit.


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Osmosis bottom job on my contessa 26

Before(sort of);




A lot of work, glad I did it. It's only been a couple of seasons since I did the work but so far the moisture meter readings look good. The hull it's self didn't have a serious osmosis problem but approx 15 years ago an epoxy barrier coat was added without removing the gelcoat. I was getting a fair bit of blisters between the two layers and wanted to clean things up.

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Jnoiur Mebemr
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I am also a big fan of before and after photo sets; I can look at them for hours. Looking forward to seeing everyone else's projects. Here are a few of my own from the past 2 years.
Plumbing and fule lines

Built new propane deck box.

Installed new engine.

New teak.

Re-glassed and painted side decks.

Mast step compression.

Painted mast.

Built new bowsprit.

re-insulated refer with aerogel and installed new frigaboat.

Bottom job and barrier coat.


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Just a couple of before and after:

The original navigational equipment:

And the after:

The ceiling in the port head had fallen down and the trim broken - re silicone and new screws, finished job looks like brand new.

The before:

The After:

The before: (broken corner at the upper left)

The after:

See all the rest of the repairs and progress at Catchin' Rays

Daniel - Norsea 27
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LifeSlings are great inventions, but whatever material they use for the cover does not hold up very well in the sun. I found a place that makes these Sunbrella covers for $65.

Good idea, I need one of those.
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