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If you want the boat to be bullet-proof, immediately sell her again and buy a new one. Still won't be trouble free but at least someone else gets to pay for the repairs for a while.

Face it, when you buy a used boat you're buying one that someone else no longer wants. Mostly that is because they're tired of fixing stuff.

Sorry to be a bit negative but that is the reality of used boats and the on-going maintenance is the consequence of the money you save by buying used.

or on another hand, buy an F-16 or a pocket watch.. that should be well maintained.. and while you're at it move to another planet. like saturn, that we haven't messed up with our smoke..

I love messing with the boat as much as I like sailing her, dunno if I have the cajones to replace all the wiring this summer, but i'll replave the panel and trim the ends of the wires :)
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