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We've had to move the closing date on the boat twice now. Not because we aren't ready, but because the boat isn't. We knew we were in for barrier coating and bottom painting as well as new rigging, so we stipulated that all of the basic instrumentation must be functioning.

Depth meter wasn't working. Broker said it was just a wiring issue, turns out it needed a new transducer. 2 weeks later, that is done.

Wind instrument wasn't working. It wasn't what the broker originally thought, so after ordering a new anenometer and having it installed we are hopeful. We went ahead and agreed to pay for the new head since we were half way to a new unit anyway.

Now we are waiting for enough wind to verify/recalibrate the auto-pilot. Last time the ARE and broker went out, the broker was convinced it was the lack of wind that prevented the recalibration. The ARE is convinced the unit is shot, but we are going out this evening, once again to try to recalibrate it.

If its fixed, we can close tomorrow. Why do I get the sneaking suspicion we won't be closing for another 2 weeks, the amount of time to get a new autopilot ordered, installed and operation verified?

I understand that its important that we be certain every i is dotted before closing, I just keep seeing the weeks tick off one by one. Knowing that we are looking at laying up the boat in a yard for at least a month or two, its pretty darned disappointing. I'd like to make a little coastal week long trip happen before putting her on the hard for the rest of the summer. The window of opportunity for that to happen is quickly approaching.

Le sigh.
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