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Beneteau 361 Steering Noise

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I've come across an issue with my 2004 Beneteau 361 steering that seems to be getting worse. After a short sail or motor, a fairly loud 'moan' occurs when turning the wheel. I've eliminated the auto helm as a possible source. The best I can tell is that it is coming from the top of the rudder itself (rudder bearing?). I've read some blogs from a few years ago about bearing issues on Beneteaus but nothing recent. I'm curious if anyone else out thee experienced something similar and have any guidance. Thanks very much.
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I ran across your post. I am looking at buying a 361 and when we did the seatrial I too heard a groaning sound. The broker said ah you just need to grease the rudder. I presumed this was an easy DIY project but from what I am reading online you need grease, new bearings or a new rudder. No matter what the issue is the repair requires removal of the rudder when on the hard. I was curious how your story ended. Did you have to have yours hauled out? Thanks.
Hi Nathan,

I also read all the horror stories online and was pretty concerned. In the end, I ended up spraying a ton of McLube on the rudder head last spring. I can't honestly say if it fixed the problem or only kicked it down the road. It did stop the noise for all of last season. There did seemed to be some salt (or other grit material) on the plastic bushing (?). I think the copious lube might have rinsed it away. I haven't launched yet this year so no update yet. I did also contact the service shop at a local Beneteau dealer. They didn't own up to any systemic issue with the bearings. I hope that helps.

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