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We've been looking at both but have yet to sail them. From a liveability stand point, to me the Catalina wins. The Benes have a beautiful, Scandinavian flair on the interior but not a whole heck of a ot of storage. The Catalina doesn't have tons, but certainly more than the 411.

Tankage on the Bene is a hair better than the Catalina for water but they run neck and neck on fuel. If you are doing mostly coastal crusing,this won't be such a huge deal but if you are going out a bit further you might want to consider this.

The Catalina has tons of interior light thanks to all of the port lights and hatches. All of that light comes at a cost in bad weather. For me, I expect more good days than bad so I prefer the light rather than the protection of fewer hatches and ports.

I have issues with sleeping with anything near my face so the Catalina pullman or centerline queen works for me. The Beneteau cabin isn;t bad, I just feel more comfortable in the Catalinas. I also think the Catalina has a much nicer galley space.

Your mileage may vary. :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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