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I don't now if he had done that but it seemed a pretty crazy thing to do. Even if the structure is strong enough it will add a huge windage to the boat and if it can take all that wind (I would not count on that) certainly any wave that come through the cockpit will rip it apart.

Are you sure he kept the "Full house" up with a force 10/11?

I always roll the bimini when it blows over 30K wind.


He left it up. Here's the pic he took in the cockpit as things were blowing up:

Even at 50+ knots sustained.

It surprised me too. But I'm definitely not going to question a guy who's rounded the Horn. He then talks about how everything (including the enclosure) held up in the next post:

Edi also repaired a loose corner grommet on the sun cover over the skylights in our cockpit canopy. It appears that the winds in the 50s and 60s were a tad much for it. The remainder of the canopy remained in fine condition after its stalwart job of keeping us warm, dry and protected during the storm.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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