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Bent mainsheet shackle (pictures included)

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Hey guys.. We went out in strong winds the other day for a race, foolishly under full sail.. made the decision to reef before the race started.. unfortunately while puttin in the reef things went bad.. the shackle on the mainsheet halyard became caught on the topping life near the top of the mast.. when i gave the sail a solid tug to bring it down to reef, I didn't realize.. anyways the mainsheet halyard shackle became bent.. (see photos)

My question is: can I simply straighten this out with a couple pliers / monkey wrenches and use it again good as new, or will metal fatigue bite me in the transom and do I run the risk of it breaking again? I could replace the whole shackle,, but I'd have to step the mast and take out shackly, or rent some equipment (cutters and whatever you use to attach these shackles in the first place

I've removed the locking pin from the shackle, but I have it and didn't lose it

Just looking for some opinions.. what would you do?

(ignore the red rope in the pics.. it's just there as a safety line so we can tie it to the mast loop until we fix it)


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Oh, I should mention:

This is a Tanzer 22 .. 22ft keelboat marconi rig sloop.. not a marticularly massive sail or anything..
You should be able to straighten out, it will be strong enough.
I replaced all my wire halyards with Dynex. 1/4" Dynex just for the part that takes a load. For the rest of it I used a double braid with a 1/4" core and removed 6 to 8 feet and ran the Dynex inside the core of the double braid. A small stitch at the cover and a whipping (or tap) at the cover end/ core end.
It sounds like more work and expense than it is. Really a nice upgrade, so nice to hoist now with soft line as opposed to wire.
I use "softies" for all the shackles on the boat now. Halyard, tacks, everything. No more bent parts or worries about fatigue etc.
Some pics in the bottom URL
I would bend it back, but then replace at the next opportunity. Although the way that is attached, you could probably just snip off the end of the wire, slip a new shackle on, and press on the new stopper.
the shackle is made of fairly thin metal. you could put a crescent wrench tightened on the 1 /8" thickness about where the line is now. put a screwdriver or long punch through the hole in the wrench handle to keep it from twisting while you straighten the shackle with another crescent wrench. i have straightened a lot of things this way. i don't think the metal would be weakened as the bend is not sharp.
Agree, it's a soft bend and should straighten out with ease.

With metal you are normally good as long as straightening it out doesn't leave a kink in it. If it kinks, it means that the metal has been stressed past the yeild point in the area of the kink, and is weaker.

Thanks for the input gentlemen :)

The boat isn't mine I'm renting / sharing costs for the season, but am on the hook for minor repairs.. I'll bend it back and let the owner know about the damage when we haul her and that I think the shackle should be replaced before the spring.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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