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I've seen a few Danforths bent like that. I'd probably just use it for a lunch hook after that. I sure wouldn't sleep on it. Metal fatigue is funny to predict once steel gets bent like that (I learned that working on a farm and bending a lot of steel accidentally on farm implements).

Where I boat, we have mostly sand bottom (with some mud) and Danforths hold pretty good. I've anchored two sailboats with three Danforths (in a star pattern) that road out hurricanes without moving (we had to abandon one of the Danforths on one of those occasions because it was buried so deep we couldn't get it unstuck).

On the other occasion, it took two hours to get all three of the anchors up, because two of them (that took the most wind) were stuck so good.

And, as a funny side note. I anchored my Hobie Cat 16 on the beach during Katrina with two of the same Danforths I used in the second hurricane described above. It was still there, still hooked to them (but broken into three pieces) after Katrina. Again, both were buried so deeply that I just left them there (My daughter and I dug for hours one day trying to dig them up before giving up, as the beach had several more feet of sand on it than when I set them).

I like Manson Supremes and Rocnas better, but I don't have any Danforth hate.

In a place with a lot of weeds on the bottom, I suspect a Danforth wouldn't get much respect, but sand and sand and mud mixed, is not a bad place to use one.
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