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The yacht pre-arrival questionnaire is here. Life raft manufacturer and serial number are on there, although I don't know if required. It is interesting to note that sat phone is listed as "if fitted" but the life raft is not. I have had a raft when stopping at Bermuda so I can't tell you what happens if you don't have one.

The easiest resolution is to call the Bermuda RCC at (441) 297-1010 or e-mail them [email protected] and ask. If you call and speak with either Nick or Scott please tell them Dave from Auspicious says hello and to thank them again for the tour at the beginning of August.

Incidentally, I didn't know about the questionnaire before my first visit and had to read them all that stuff over the radio. Much easier to fill it out and e-mail or fax it to them ahead with an estimated arrival date.
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