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I completely agree about used outboards, one has to know what to look for and suss out the previous owner a little. Serious negelect is usually pretty obvious, but not always.

I completely disagree about British Seagulls. I've had a few and the've all been easy to start, low maintenance motors. A Seagull can take serious neglect better than any other motor, I've bought motors that haven't run in 20 years and looked a little scary that started in one pull with fresh gas.

Good little motors Seagulls, not for everyone though. I've certainly had way better luck buying used Seagulls than other used outboards(Viking, Johnson, Evinrude, etc).
My current one has always started first pull and has been very reliable.
I use it everytime I go sailing which is at least a couple times a week.
I've also accidentally(my fault) spilled it in the drink a couple times and after a good freshwater rinsing and drying out for a day it works just fine, not many motors can say that.

Did you have an actual outboard suggestion??
Well the Segulls seem to be kind of indestructible. I think you can measure things like ring clearance with your fingers! I have never owned one but you can sure hear them coming, sound like they will come apart, but they don't!

My suggestion is to try to find a used 2 cycle. They seem to be less bothered by the alcohol blended fuels and are really simple to work on. 4 strokes are nice because you don't have to mix the gas, but especially the newer ones seem to constantly get there carbs clogged up.
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