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A Tohatsu/Nissan [same engine different stickers ] 3.5 hp 4 st is worth a look. It is available as a longshaft and quieter than a Honda.

The warrenty is supposed to be 5 years and that might apply in the US mine a 18hp developed problems at 11 months and finally failed totally when the bottom bearing collapsed. 13 months later it has not yet been repaired.

Budget Marine have given me the right royal runaround on this. Still they are mostly OK I just got a rogue engine and dealer.'re recommending a brand that you had and broke completely within a year? That's not really how recommendations work. You're supposed to recommend products that you've used and have served you well....

Anyways...with your budget how about a mercury 4stroke 4horse. 2005-2006 for $500. If you want to spend less go a little older. They're good, and easy to get parts and service.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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