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We''re interested in cruising in the Med. Our idea is to buy a boat in the Med, in the 30'' to 35''
range, that''s only 1 or 2 years old. Then, at the end of 5 months, sell the boat. Admittedly, we''ll
take a loss. (In effect, we''re renting the boat.) What I''m interested in is buying a boat that has a
high resale interest. In other words, I can sell it quickly without losing a ton of money. I''m
beginning to focus on Beneteaus, Jeanneaus, and Dufours, since there seem to be a lot of them.
Am I crazy? Of these boats, does one stand out as a more desireable boat? Or are there brands
I''m not considering? Finally, is documentation of the boat too much of a hassle? Thanks for any
info. Sophie
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