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Best Boatyard in Long Beach?

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New to the area and need some work done. Anyone have experience with Long Beach, CA boatyards?

Need an iron keel sandblasted and epoxied.

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You could try Colonial. I haven't used them in a while, as I moved over to Redondo Beach, but my limited experience with them was good. They are in Wilmington, just a short hop from Shoreline.

Colonial Yacht Anchorage: Boat Repair, Storage, Launch, Marine Hardware & Supplies
LB area shipyards

If you have a smaller boat I would agree. We used Marina Shipyard in AB. they did what they said, price was less the estimated and they are slow right now. Like everyone, get a quote first.
Also, I would recommend any of their subs as I have used most in the past as well.
Thanks, I checked with Marina and they do not do sandblasting, seem like good people however. I have a 40 footer now and while I have my favorite yards in the San Francisco bay area I don't know who to trust in So Cal yet.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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