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We are looking for a toy, an inflatable kayak! We have a huge lazarette which is just begging for one, besides we've wanted one for a long time. Much more fun for exploring anchorages than the big inflatable with no motor. Also acts as a second "car" in case we want to go ashore separately.

Should be under $400, and be equally good at tandem or single operation. Other than that, a baseline level of performance in the water is essential. I once bought a sevylar tahiti, which is <$100 and is more like a pool toy than anything else. It was so flimsy that when you leaned left to paddle, you went the opposite way since the boat bent. Used it once and got rid of it. Don't want to repeat that mess.

Also, what's up with kayak paddles costing so much? Seems like everywhere I look they're $100 each for plastic ones and they don't come with the boats. Anyone know where to get affordable kayak paddles as well?

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