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Best method to plug outboard well

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hi -

finally decided to just close the outboard well on my international folkboat and put the engine on a garelick transom mount. apparently this solution is the one most international folkboats with a well end up with, because of the unhappiness of dragging an engine in the well while sailing, the wash coming up into the cockpit when heeled over, etc.

i suppose i could just epoxy a piece of plywood of the right shape - but i'm guessing there'd be a better way to go about this? what material should i use? worth it to make it more easily reversible? elegant ideas for attaching the plug into the hole?

the hole is about the size of a rounded off legal sized piece of paper.

thanks for any ideas.


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My old Columbia 26 had the same arrangement, and came with a fiberglass cap to cover the bottom of the hole. There was a matching cover for the top, and a bungee cord held them together. I guess the idea was you could pull the motor put and temporarily mount the cap. Actually saw that done in a movie about a voyage in the same model boat.
We put the OB on a transom mount too, and glued the cap on with 5200. (Could be removed of you really wanted to, but wasn't going to fall off by itself.)
Lacking a pre-made cover, I'd tape a piece of heavy cardboard in place to form a mold, and lay in a few layers of glass from the inside. You could make it removable by covering the hull with clear packing tape first, or just bond it in to be permanent. I like the idea of making it a cooler or bait box.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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