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Looking for suggestions for a sub-30ft cruiser or cruiser/racer to hunt for in the New England area. I've got a two year old and my wife is expecting our second in six weeks or so. I wasn't planning on looking for a boat for another couple of years, but I've been presented with the opportunity to buy a really mint Sea Sprite '23 for about $6500 and it's gotten me thinking...

I've got a mooring available in West Falmouth, MA and I'd be looking to sail around Buzzards Bay up through the Elizabeths and into Vineyard Sound - potentially as far as Nantucket. My priorities in order are:

1. Stay under $10K in budget but in good condition - not looking for a big project, I've got enough on my hands.
2. Something stable - my wife is new to sailing and I have little kids.
3. Something where the 4 of us could stay on board for a weekend (relatively comfortable) and potentially go as far as Nantucket.
4. Something that isn't a complete slug - that I could potentially PHRF race with some friends.
5. Would prefer diesel inboard I can work on over gas outboards but that's just a nice to have.

I realize the Sprite really only checks off the first 2.5 to 3.5 of those priorities and there might be a more practical boat for what I'm looking for - but maybe I should just pull the trigger? I know the owners of the Sprite personally and I've admired it for years.

Thoughts and Suggestions?
I think you should be more realistic with your expectations. While sometimes bargains may be found, for a safe accommodation, handling and reasonable performance with a family over weekends etc, a boat of 27-30' in a good and safe shape not to drag you into immediate $10-20K refit, under $10K is a unicorn or a project for years with a lot of misery.
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